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  • Hangzhou Tangji Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise established by senior experts in the medical device industry in the United Nations.

    Qui sumus

    Hangzhou Tangji Technologia Medica Co., Ltd. est amet summus technicus inceptis a senioribus peritis in arte medicinae in Nationibus Unitis constituta.

  • Our company independently produces and sells Class I, II, and III medical devices, medical protection products, and disinfection products. The products are sold at home and abroad, and passed ISO13485 quality management system certification, CE, FDA certification.The company has the environment required by professional technology.

    Our Business

    Societas nostra independenter producit et vendit Class I, II, et III medicinae machinas, medicinae tutelam productorum et disinfection emendas.Producta domi forisque vendita sunt, et ISO13485 ratio qualitatum administrationis certificationis, CE, FDA certificationis transierunt. Societas ambitus technologiae professionalis requiritur.

  • Strong recognition makes us stand out in the industry

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    Fortis cognitio nos in industria exstare facit


Progressus internationalis productio technologiae technologiae et qualitas materiae rudis producta inducit.

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Hangzhou Tangji Medical Technology Co., Ltd.est summus tech medicinae apparatu conatibus, innixus in Research & Development, Vestibulum, Sales et Service, quae sita est in Binjiang District, Hangzhou urbem, prope ad Alibaba Headquarters et cum 25 mins ab Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

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